Are 5 ply all-wood blades still should be the first blade for beginner?

Hello everyone, I have a question. I’m currently looking to buy myself a new blade. Previously, I had 2 carbon blades as my first and second blades and i’ve sold all of them (Donic Waldner Black Devil Carbon Balsa as my first, and Butterfly Garaydia ZLC with Tenergy 05 FH/BH as my second). I would like to restart my journey in table tennis by going back to basic. I’ve read some articles about beginners should start their career with a 5 ply all-wood blade, with non-tensor rubber. But I think most articles I read were dated quite old, when rules haven’t changed yet (ball size, speed glue). With new changes, I wonder if the same rule of thumb still applies for current, more modern, table tennis. With the same rule of thumb, I’m thinking of buying:
– Butterfly Falcima (5 ply, all wood. Although, I haven’t heard much about this new blade)/Petr Korbel/Primorac
– FH/BH Yasaka Mark V 2.0 (The classic rubber)

If the game has changed quite a bit, and 5 ply all-wood with non-tensor rubber is no longer the norm, I would like to try:
– Butterfly Viscaria
– FH/BH Yasaka Rakza 7 2.0

Thanks for spending your time replying this post.

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