Asian Table Tennis Union Announces New Website – International Table Tennis Federation

The Asian Table Tennis Union (ATTU) presents its new website:

Presented in an upmarket fashion the aim of the initiative keeps fans aware of the wide spectrum of activities witnessed in the continent.

A simplified interface, a renewed appearance, the platform will emphasize news and the main events on the calendar. Based on a user-friendly design, the initiative provides a simplified way to stay informed about our sport. Feature articles are included highlighting development courses and visits of leading officials to events both within the region and beyond.

Furthermore, tournament results and World rankings are provided; most valuable not only to the aficionado but also to the media, enabling a wider promotion of our sport. Most importantly, access is straightforward, well presented images attract the attention.

The new website is the product of collaboration between the ATTU Executive Committee and the ITTF Group, which previously worked together with ITTF Africa and ITTF Americas.

Looking ahead, September in particular, the website has a major role the play in spreading the word.

Additional to the 2022 ITTF World Team Championships Finals in Chengdu commencing at the end of the month, earlier the Asian Junior and Cadet Championships will be stages in Vientiane, Laos.

Also, the Asian Games, a major event in the region and second only to the Olympic Games, will be held in Hangzhou, China.

Equally in September, Bangkok will host a WTT Youth Contender, Riyadh, a Para event; very much there is the full range of activities in the next few months to follow.

Perhaps the year to introduce the new website is very fitting; it is the golden jubilee for the Asian Table Union.

Initiated by the Chinese Table Tennis Association, on Sunday 7th May 1972, at the conclusion of a four day meeting held in the country’s capital city of Beijing, the Asian Table Tennis Union was formally established.

Times have changed since those days but once again the continent that boasts the majority of the world’s leading table tennis players moves forward; new horizons in promoting the sport.

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