On 05/19/2022, I ordered from TTNPP 4 sheets of rubbers DHS Neo Skyline 3 , Black , 2.2, 41 degree + 4 sheets of rubbers Friendship 802 Mystery. TTNPP gave me tracking number: AG703344640CN. My order number is: # 051779, Then I see in my TTNPP Account wrote this parcel came to Los Angeles CA, USA, but it stuck up in here for a week, , I checked this tracking number on USPS tracking Website, but it say this tracking number is not update in USPS system. I look up on net to find answer, it say have a two reason cause this thing happened, one of among them is the sender did not send information of this tracking to USPS system, so it can not update in USPS system. I come back to look up all my orders in my TTNPP Account, I see all My previous orders Status wrote: Shipped, but Status of this time order: # 051779 wrote: Payment accepted ( but not shipped even after 28 days from the date I ordered ). So I think maybe problem happened from error of paper work of TTNPP.com ( I think so but not sure ). On 06/5/2022 I send a massage to TTNPP to ask them help me to check it, but no response . Around 06/8/2022, I received a parcel but this parcel has only 4 sheets of rubbers Friendship 802 Mystery ( tracking number: 9400136209361398131901 ).After that I see in my TTNPP Account say: the other tracking number of AG703344640CN Delivered, But in fact I did not received it yet ( 4 sheets of rubbers DHS Neo Skyline 3 , black, 2.2, 41 degree ). . I went to my local US post Office to ask them, They checked and told me because this tracking number of AG 703344460CN not update in USPS System ,so they do not know where my parcel now, so they can not help me. I log in my TTNPP Account to send another message to TTNPP for help me , but TTNPP did not answer to me at all. I think if people delivery parcel in US see tracking number of AG703344640CN can not update in USPS system, they can take that parcel because they know no one can find down about this tracking number. Maybe this event happened , but it is not my fault . I paid to TTNPP to buy 4 sheets of DHS rubbers , wait for a month , now I think it missing, I do not know what to do next because TTNPP did not answer me at all about this problem . So I post in here and hope the people work for TTNPP see this thread and help me.