Have you ever gotten rubbers from bad batch?

In another thread I discussed how absurdly soft my HK1997 Gold sheet is. Listed at 49 degree, it literally feels like 38 degree. Very soft sponge. This seller says “Tacky Chinese table tennis rubber with offensive properties. Classic rubber from Palio, with similar properties as DHS Hurricane 3, but a little slower and softer surface rubber. Sponge thickness: 2.2mm. Sponge hardness: 48-50.”

But it is nowhere near similar to Hurricane 3. I’m not talking about some elitist attitude complaining about minor differences, I’m talking about categorical, fundamental, worlds apart difference. So, I’m seriously now wondering if I possibly just got a bad batch, and if its worth spending the money on another sheet of HK1997 to try. Have you ever gotten rubbers that are far away from their normal standard? How likely is this? Please share some experiences and stories if you have any.

This doesn’t seem commonplace to me. My impression of Chinese rubbers and their production is generally quite high. Through all the rubbers I have ever had, I have never found a rubber that I thought was genuinely produced incorrectly. I’m talking about absolute categorical errors (ie dense sponge vs porous sponge, max thickness vs 2.0 thickness, hard sponge vs soft sponge). I’m sure each batch has some minor differences (such as print quality, color, alignment), but I’m asking about categorical differences.

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