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Hello everybody,

I would love to see your recommendations for a new configuration. I have been saving some money for a long time now Tand table tennis is really the only hobby I have that I really enjoy. That’s why I want to put some time and consideration into this new purchase. I appreciate every recommendation, yet I would especially love to hear from people with experince.

I have been using Yasaka Sweden Extra + 2x Xiom Vega Europe (red 1,8mm black 2,3mm; I am not sure about this) and I have been loving it. I love the amount of control and precision it gives me. I am really able to put the ball exactly where I want it to go and manipulate it just how I want. At the same time I love the fact that I can spin, attack but also chop most balls with this racket.

Now that I have developed my technique and feel more comfortable, I have the feeling I could profit from spinnier rubbers.
This is where you come in play!

Could you please recommend me something with the same control and precision as the Xiom Vega Europe, but with more spin and optionally more power. However, control and precision are the most important factors for me and I would not sacrifice them for crazy amounts of spin.
Also, I have no idea of blades, so I am open to any suggestion that will pass to my wishes I stated above.
My budget is around 200-250€.

Thank you in advance!


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