How Did I Win or Lose a Match?

In sports, statistics tells a story of how the competition went

In tennis, important data points are service aces, double faults, unforced errors, clean winners, how many times a plyr went to the net … etc

In basketball, some pertinent numbers are TO’s, assists, FG%, FT%, how many shots one took to score all his points & how many of those points came from free throws vs field goals & more

As an intermediate TT player, I realize there are things that are not measurable (or difficult or useless to measure) e.g. how hard a plyr hits the ball, the flow of a match or how many times a plyr like to bounce the ball on the table before serving …

However I do believe keeping stats help paint a picture of how a match went

* * *

What TT analysis do you look at in reviewing your wins & losses?

Thank you for helping me in the right direction!

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