I just ordered from tabletennis11.com. What a pain!

I haven’t ordered rubbers from tabletennis11.com for a while. During that time I got a new card with an updated expiration date and CVV. The tabletennis11 website said it my card was acceptable but then it told me to get the transfer authorized by calling a number that didn’t stay up on the screen long enough to get my phone and dial so my order was canceled. Finally I wrote down the number and called it. They seem to want to know everything about me except for the first 12 numbers of my social security number. I don’t like giving that amount of detail over the phone. How did they get this data to verify anyway? They authorized/verified me. I had to go through the order process yet again but this time the order was accepted.

I wish more places would use a Yubikey. It is a secure authentication device that you plug into a USB port to verify that you are you. I think it is based in Stockholm but there are offices in the US. The names of the founders are Swedish. Microsoft and Google support Yubikeys.

Verification by phone like tabletennis11 uses is crazy and I must go through this interrogation every time I order from tabletennis11. Wake up tabletennis11.

BTW, I order 4 Rakza 7 2mm rubbers. 2 for me and 1 each for each of my practice partners. I use the buy 4 for the prices of 3 so prices was just less than 30 USD a sheet.


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