I have played for half a year with my Timo Boll Alc and Tenergy 05 and I could say that this classic combination is a good one, of course. However, I am missing something from that tenergy. I have played before with Andro Rasanter r48/57, but for that time (0.5 – 1y) my game have developed a lot and cannot actually compare the rubbers. I find my short game for inaccurate and my sensitivity to spin is higher. As I know, this is expected from T05. My game is looping everything from both side, but if the rubber allows playing from medium distance to the table it will be a plus. So I am looking for something new with a medium throw angle compared to T05, which is a high one. I can get a good price for stuff from Andro, but actually cannot decide which one from R-series would suit for me. Another option is something from Victas, like V>15 extra, or V>20 (is this a tacky one?). And maybe something from Tibhar Evolution Series. What would be best for my Timo Boll Alc?

Any thoughts would be appreciated,
Best Regards