Questions about equipment for disabled people

What would you recommend for a game with more control?
I am physically handicapped, I have reduced mobility, a mobility similar to Israel stroh, a class 7 Paralympic table tennis player, currently ranked 11th in the world.

I currently use a dhs power g5x with a xiom vega pro forehand and xiom omega asia backhand, but when I try to speed up the game I can’t reposition myself, I get lost in my own effect precisely because of my mobility.

Some people at the Academy where I train have been asking me to put in long pinps, mainly to slow down the speed of the game.
My initial idea would be to put long pinps in my FH, my BH is absurdly better than FH.
There is a guy at the academy who plays with a racquet that he said would be “ideal” for me.
Racket Donic Ovtcharov Soft Carbon V1, FH JOOLA Samba Plus+ 2.0mm and BH Butterfly Feint AG.

Can I use them as reference?

​​​​​​​And excuse my English, I’m using translator.

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