you don’t need carbon blades

Emmanuel Lebesson: 2016 ETTC champion, all wood bladeSimon Gauzy: 2016 ETTC runner-up, all wood bladeTTD’s Tom “The Frog” Maynard: all wood blade In my club, the top players are ranked … Read More

Soft spinny control rubbers

Hi, I’m a forehand dominant, Chinese brush loop forehand shakehand player. At the time of writing this, I can only punch with my backhand. I want to develop a good … Read More

Lots of blades (30+) and rubbers (lost count…) US only

All blades in the list below are for sale, all prices are negotiable.I won’t post individual pictures of the blades in the collection photo, since there are way too many … Read More

TCore KTS 920 ZL Carbon Blade

[bcolor=#fbfbfd]Kim Taek Soo 920 Blade[/bcolor]Weight: 89 grams Plies: 7 (Koto outer – ZL Carbon – ayous? – core ayous) Speed: Off+ [bcolor=#fbfbfd]…/46/display/1/[/bcolor] Source link

FS: Lots of stuff

Hello everyone, The last two years I’ve been EJ’ing and have built up a little collection. In my search for my perfect rubber and blade I’ve tried a lot of … Read More

Vodak M. Horejsi EnTech ALC OFF

Review: VODAK M. Hořejši ALC OFF EnTech Review: VODAK M. Hořejši ALC OFF EnTech Available (The website is in Czech but if you open it using Google Chrome it … Read More

Blade Makers’ Challenge – SDC Blade

This is the thread I will use to document the building process of Der’s blade for the blademaker’s challenge. One thing I learned after some time building blades, is that … Read More