Blade For Medium Pips

Hi, I’ve been playing for a while with Long Pips,.. A couple of months back, a fellow club-m8, gave me a used sheet of Dr. Neubauer K.O 1.5mm .. It’s … Read More

Questions about equipment for disabled people

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Are 5 ply all-wood blades still should be the first blade for beginner?

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Upgrade from Yasaka Sweden Extra to more powerful blade

Hey guys, I was playing with Stiga Clipper wood for all of my life, but since a big pause I decided to try a slower blade to recover my skills. … Read More

Nittaku Violin vs Nittaku Violin Inner Carbon

Hi guys, as a very old table tennis beginner (>40 yo) i found it quite easy to learn the first habbit in table tennis that is being an EJ.Now i … Read More

My first hybrid rubber!!! And it’s GREAT!

Joola Golden Tango!! I’ve been using europe/japanese rubber for a while now. And my journey with changing setup, mostly topsheet, is great. Out of my whole table tennis journey, I … Read More