Bastard rubbers.

To begin with, here is the most common definition of the “bastard thing”.–no longer in its pure or original form; spurious; illigitimate.E.g. “a bastard Tenergy-05” ITTF STARTED CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE … Read More

Players lost the option to change sponge on the sandwich rubbers. T4 revision.

SANDWICH RUBBERS. A new regulation is underway. ITTF always looking to keep up fair play with players worldwide and, with the object in mind, ITTF ultimately determined on how to … Read More

Joola Rhyzen ZGR vs Bluegrip c2 etc. for Hurricane 3 replacement

Hey guys, I was wondering for those who have tried these rubbers how they fare for replacing my current forehand rubber. I currently use a Hurricane 3 prov bluesponge 39 … Read More

Truls silver medal is a small victory for all EJs

Truls silver medal is a small victory for all EJs Back to Forum Established TTD Member 102 172 M Established TTD Member 172 102 22 Minutes Ago 1638170086 #1 Truls … Read More

ALC vs ZLC vs

So this is a bit of a general question that I cannot ask correctly and cannot expect a clear answer. So maybe general observations and experiences the forum members have … Read More