Need contact info of bladesbycharlie

Hi, i got a custom request for fine woodwork artisans. I’ve bought from charlie before but lately he don’t seem to check his email. Can someone give me his contact … Read More

My first hybrid rubber!!! And it’s GREAT!

Joola Golden Tango!! I’ve been using europe/japanese rubber for a while now. And my journey with changing setup, mostly topsheet, is great. Out of my whole table tennis journey, I … Read More

you don’t need carbon blades

Emmanuel Lebesson: 2016 ETTC champion, all wood bladeSimon Gauzy: 2016 ETTC runner-up, all wood bladeTTD’s Tom “The Frog” Maynard: all wood blade In my club, the top players are ranked … Read More

Hard/Flexible blades vs Soft/Stiff blades

Hello forumI am interested in knowing the different playing characteristics between structurally flexible blades with a hard top ply and structurally stiff blades with a soft top ply. Generally, most … Read More

Soft spinny control rubbers

Hi, I’m a forehand dominant, Chinese brush loop forehand shakehand player. At the time of writing this, I can only punch with my backhand. I want to develop a good … Read More

Fang Bo Carbon Review – Best blade ever, ask me anything!

I tried my new Fang Bo Carbon/Hurricane Bo 2 today for the first time. I had boosted H3N commercial on FH, and old Tenergy 05 on BH. Blown away by … Read More