Paul Drinkhall rubber

Paul Drinkhall rubber Back to Forum 26 Minutes Ago 1659639367 #1 Paul Drinkhall rubber Whilst watching the commonwealth games I noticed lots of the players equipment on the big screen,the … Read More

Recommendation of Light Weight Rubbers

Current after some light weight Attack rubber. I have noticed that the Dignics are fairly light and also the Victas 11 Extra. Anyone know of any attack rubber thats under … Read More

How do you learn the counter-punch stroke?

I was watching the Ayalog youtube channel that was posted on TTD, and I noticed that Aya doesn’t have the same power as many of her male opponents. But she … Read More

Need Help for Blade Selection

Hello everyone, After a long break, I wanna start playing table tennis again but my current blade (XIOM Stradivarius) feels too stiff for me. My old blade was Yinhe N11 … Read More

Need Your Precious Help for Choosing Equipment

Hello everyone, Around 2 years ago I wanted to start playing table tennis again after a long break. I had my first ever custom racket to play with but it … Read More

DHS 301T & DHS Power G6X

I just noticed these blades on tt11 the G6X is an outer ALC blade , kinda unusual from DHS . while i don’t really know what’s new about the 301T … Read More

Fitness & conditioning for TT

Hi all I am looking for peoples thoughts on the above pls. I am on a journey to improve my game as much as possible before the next season starts … Read More