TNPL 2022: For Shahrukh Khan, process matters more than result

Heading into the IPL this year, M. Shahrukh Khan was riding a wave of good form after he was bought for a staggering Rs 9 crore by Punjab Kings. He was even part of the India squad as stand-by for a series.

However, he had a subdued tournament and did not get a consistent run. But he has not let the disappointment affect him as he has led his side Lyca Kovai Kings into the playoffs of the TNPL for the second time in as many years and starred as a bowler for his side.

“I am definitely working more on my bowling in the last seven to eight months and thankful that I can pull off games for my team. I am working on just one stock ball always. Whether it is white-ball cricket or red-ball cricket, I just want to spin the ball as much as possible,” said Shahrukh during a media interaction on Monday.

On asked if he sees becoming an all-rounder will help him get to the national side, the 28-year-old said, “When you have two skills, it is always an advantage. But I am not thinking about only if I work on my bowling or only if I take wickets I will be there. I just want to do what I do best, and wherever I am playing now, I want to do my best for the team now at present. The selection process matters later.”

On the difficult time in the IPL and if he would have preferred to have had a more consistent run, Shahrukh said, “I bank on the process a lot. Results might come, might not come, but the important thing is to think about the process.”

“And, right after the IPL I got runs for Vijay CC in the final and in the TNPL also, I am in good stead in my head. So, for me the process matters more than the result,” he added.

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