Victas V11 rubber less spiny, change in production? QC issue?

Having used Victas V11 since it came out it has been my rubber of choice, fast, spiny, and light weight.
I have been through 8 sheets in total. I just got a replacement and the rubber was a brighter red, more translucent.

I thought nothing of it until I felt its lacked the spin factor I had become accustomed to. I ran the a and b past couple of guys at the club
who also confirmed it was less tacky. Noticeably so.

I have contacted Victas who initially responded but then went quiet once I sent them the info they requested
The German wholesaler did not respond either.

I offered to return the new rubber at my expense….nothing. Really disappointing considering the amount of money and time I have invested in their products.

Has anyone else experienced this with Victas V11?

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