Woman sues Spurs, Joshua Primo for ‘abhorrent conduct’

A former clinical psychologist for the San Antonio Spurs filed a lawsuit on Thursday morning alleging that the organization “ignored her repeated reports of indecent exposure” by Joshua Primo, the 2021 lottery pick who was released by the team last week.

According to the lawsuit, Primo exposed himself to Dr. Hillary Cauthen a total of nine times. The first incident allegedly occurred during a psychological session with Primo in December of 2021 and was reported to Spurs management in January 2022.

“Rather than act on Dr. Cauthen’s reports, the Spurs ignored her complaints, hoping the organization could ignore and then cover up Primo’s actions,” the lawsuit filed in Bexar County, Texas, states. “The Spurs organization was willing to sacrifice Dr. Cauthen to keep what they hoped would one day be a star player.

“Once Primo’s conduct entered the public sphere, the Spurs were forced to act and release Primo. The Spurs’ recent actions with regard to Primo are too little, too late. The Spurs’ public statement about Primo’s departure is a complete farce. The Spurs’ conduct sends a strong message that they, like other major sports organizations, are willing to tolerate abhorrent conduct on the part of athletes and sacrifice loyal employees, so long as the athlete is successful on the court.”

The attorney for Primo, William J. Briggs, denied the allegations in a statement.

“In an act of betrayal against her young client, Dr. Cauthen, who is 40 years old, falsely claims Josh Primo exposed himself to her during the course of her numerous therapy sessions,” Briggs’ statement said. “Dr. Cauthen’s allegations are either a complete fabrication, a gross embellishment or utter fantasy. Josh Primo never intentionally exposed himself to her or anyone else and was not even aware that his private parts were visible outside of his workout shorts.

“What makes the allegations even less credible is that Dr. Cauthen never informed her patient of the purported exposure. Dr. Cauthen was Mr. Primo’s mental health support provider and confidant; a therapist who Mr. Primo trusted. She is much older than Mr. Primo, with many years of experience as a sports psychologist. It is baffling why she did not bother to tell her patient that his private parts were visible underneath his shorts.”

Primo, the No. 12 overall pick in the 2021 draft, was released Friday, less than three weeks after the Spurs exercised his third-year team option guaranteeing a $4.3 million salary for the 2023-24 season.

Spurs CEO RC Buford cited the “best interest of both the organization and Joshua” in a statement from the team announcing his release.

According to Buzbee, Primo was waived just days after he allegedly exposed himself to another woman during the Spurs’ trip to Minnesota last week, when Primo was held out of San Antonio’s loss. Buzbee said Primo also allegedly committed indecent exposure in Las Vegas in July while there for the NBA’s summer league.

“Josh Primo’s conduct is well outside of the bounds of what is normal and acceptable,” Buzbee said in a Thursday morning news conference at his office in Houston. “His conduct shocks the conscience. I would also say that the Spurs’ conduct, the way they handled this conduct, was egregious and absolutely unreasonable.”

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